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Conflicts provide a dramatic twist to stories and add depth to the plot characters

Clashing Realities: Exploring the 5 Kinds of Conflicts in Stories

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Stories, like life, are intricate mazes of emotions where characters navigate the twists and turns of clashing realities. One of the key elements that keeps readers engaged in a story is the presence of conflict. Conflict forces characters to make difficult choices and take action as they struggle against obstacles. While inward conflict deals with a character’s internal issues, most stories involve external conflicts that characters face in the real world.  

Here are five common types of conflicts authors use to create suspense and drama in narratives.

Person vs. Person         

This conflict arises between two or more characters as they clash over their opposing desires, values, or goals. Examples include rivals competing for a promotion at work or enemies warring on opposite sides of a battlefield. The tension of interpersonal struggles fuels much drama.

Person vs. Society      

When a character finds themselves at odds with their community or culture’s rules, standards, or prevailing opinions, this creates conflict between people and society. Examples include rebel characters defying authority or social misfits struggling against prejudices. In Planet Saviors by Raymond Hunter, Stella, the protagonist, is a strong-headed individual who goes on a mission against her unimaginative, engineered society, pushing traditional boundaries.

Person vs. Nature     

Stories often involve characters battling harsh weather, dangerous terrain, or threatening animals as part of person vs. nature conflicts. Survival stories and adventure tales commonly feature struggles against powerful natural forces beyond a person’s control.

Person vs. Self

Also known as internal conflict, this occurs when a character grapples with their own inner demons, flaws, or ambiguous moral choices, which cause inner turmoil. Personal growth stories often revolve around a character overcoming their internal conflicts.

Person vs. Technology

In an increasingly digital world, person vs. technology conflict sees characters at odds with machines, systems, or online interactions that challenge them in new ways. Cybersecurity threats, AI gone wrong, and social media issues can create intriguing high-tech conflicts.

By incorporating one or more of these conflict types, authors can craft multi-faceted antagonist forces that force characters outside their comfort zones. A story with high-stakes conflicts engages readers by showing how characters push their limits to achieve their goals against difficult odds.

5 kinds of conflict
A good story has surprise elements that keep readers on their toes

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